About Us

Sky Valley Pottery and Woodworks (Sky Valley Pottery, LLC) is located in New Braunfels, Texas. 

All of our pottery is made using a mid-range Porcelain clay. We fire our work to Cone 6, or about 2250 degrees F. All items are thrown on a pottery wheel or slab built, one at a time. Many are hand painted. Because all of our pottery is handmade, you will notice little variations of size or shape. This is natural and part of its charm.

In 2021 we added woodworking to our line up, and purchased a laser cutter/engraver so that we could offer engraving options on our various wood boards. We now carry beautiful wood cutting boards, charcuterie boards, tile trivets inlaid in wood, and laser cut wood jewelry. We will continue to explore the new possibilities that this tool will allow us to create.

Thank you to all of the our wonderful customers who support the arts and understand the difference between a mass produced item and a unique, hand-crafted item. Without your support, we could never make a living doing something we love so much. We're always touched to get a nice message about one of our pieces.

Stephen White

"I really enjoy taking a raw piece of wood or clay and turning it into a beautiful, functional item that can be enjoyed by someone who appreciates hand made. Our customers have an appreciation and awareness of quality craftsmanship and it's that quest for achieving the highest quality possible that motivates me when working in our studio."

Heidi White

"I've been in love with pottery for the last 20 years, and in 2014 I finally made Sky Valley Pottery my full-time job. I started out as a production artist/graphic artist, doing pottery around a full-time job, now pottery is my full-time job. I make my living by selling my pottery and wood crafted items at art shows, online and from this website.

Naturally, I look to nature to provide ideas and inspiration. I enjoy every aspect of pottery from throwing a form, to painting on porcelain. When I need inspiration, I often take a walk and capture ideas on camera before returning to my studio."